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Are you one of millions who suffer from genital warts? There are over 100 types of HPV and you can have more than one strain at a time. Have you tried just about everything to stop them? Doctor burns them off and they keep coming back? Let Hawk Dok help pull the HPV warts out and get back to life. Hawk Dok wart relief cream only uses the finest of natural herbs that get down deep and effectively draws the warts out and destroys only abnormal tissues. Condoms will not protect you against HPV. 


The doctors will just keep burning the warts off making you a cash machine 

I did a lot of research at home about an odd bump in my bikini line. It wasn’t an ingrown hair so I worried it was a wart. Hawk dok had no adverse effects if it wasn’t a wart so I took the gamble. Sure enough it was a wart and because you apply the product all over several other warts popped up white. I was shocked. I had warts I didn’t even suspect. I’m still in the midst of treatment but it seems to be working very well. Yes it’s painful and itchy. But with petroleum jelly and salt soaks it’s manageable. I highly recommend this product because it will expose the hidden virus under the skin versus using a product that targets only wht you see.

Sarah Jones

Anonymous Customer

Okay, so I ordered this and was skeptical about the natural ingredients. Worked like a charm. It says to apply once a day but I did it up to three times a day, so it seemed to speed up the process when I compare to other reviewers. At first I felt nothing the first day, second and the rest of the days the pain got more intense. By the sixth day they had multiplied in size and quantity by at least 4 times and we’re white and scabby feeling. At this point they hurt like hell to walk, pee, or wipe. Days 6 – 8 they got a little bigger, but have started falling off. They leave a little diver where they were supposedly where the virus died. I’ll continue to post updates, but so far best genital wart product I’ve purchased.

Jessica Foxx

Anonymous Customer

I have been using this product for about 3 weeks. It does what it says. It seems that after it turns white, it turns black and then falls off. What falls off it kind of hard but still squishy. It is a ball. Afterwards there is a hole left where it was. So its not just treating the surface of what raises It’s treating all around it and then leaves a hole. It started to work in about a week. I put it on twice a day, after a shower in the morning and then a shower at night. When the growths fall off, well when I notice them fall off I put antibiotics and no salve that time. If the salve gets in to a fresh new hole it will burn like hell.

It seems to work in waves. one group at a time. I seem to have most around the front of the sack and under the head. I think it’s working just fine. I will continue using it for a few more weeks. I use the salt bath every two days, well I try. I use it full strength, no cutting. I either use it or don’t. I haven’t gone longer then like a day with out it and it’s only been 3 or 4 days I didn’t use it. It takes time for it to get going I feel. I thought perhaps that it was spreading the growths or making it worst but then for like 3 days things fell off dead skin came off and it proved to me that it is working. I hope this helps anyone wanting help.

Briana Luke

Anonymous Customer

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100% NATURAL: No acid & chemicals here. We’ve combined natural ingredients and herbs such as red clover, bloodroot, galangal root, zinc chloride and vitamin E.