About Us

The start of Hawk Dok…

I chewed tobacco for 35 years and had white spots in my mouth a hole was forming between the teeth and gums. Every time I put a chew in it burned so bad, I would have to move it around a bit for the pain to go down and that still did not stop me from chewing tobacco. I was getting scared from the pain and the bleeding gums and had to change something before the Doctor had to cut my face open.  I came across some natural herbs and made a mix of my own and wow it burned like heck but better than cutting my face off and best of all it worked great took all the spots out and my gums got healthy again. I studied it for a while then tried it on genital warts and wow the warts popped out like crazy could not believe it and how many were coming out it was incredible.  I waited a few years and had others try it and the same results the warts popped out and the genital area was clean of warts. I worked on the ingreadance and have been helping tons of people in the time of need. 

Our Mission

Is to help as many people rid the embarrassing warts and take their life back. Warts can be one of the most embarrassing things in life and many have gone to the Doctors and had them burned off and they still come back and many have used acid to burn them off and they keep coming back.  I want to help people understand the process it takes to rid the warts they have been fighting and that Hawk Dok can help.  

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I know what having HPV is all about, I had them and was shamed for having them. I had no one to turn to with the wart removal process and at times it was a bit scary looking and painful from all the warts coming out. I have learned a lot of information in the removal process and have made Hawk Dok even better than before.

Hawk Dok is here to help you in your time of need! I have been through the process and have helped a lot of other rid their warts. Join the Hawk Dok team and rid the warts and stop spreading HPV. 

Our Team

Hawk Dok is here to help you in your time of need! Join the Hawk Dok Team and rid the warts and stop spreading HPV.

Interested? Clean up now and fight the virus!

100% NATURAL: No acid & chemicals here. We’ve combined natural ingredients and herbs such as red clover, bloodroot, galangal root, zinc chloride and vitamin E.